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About Us

Sylvancrest Cavaliers was established 45 years ago when Kristine Ehlert spent months visiting England's old established kennels to find the "best of the best" for our foundation stock. They are the Kindrum and Homerbrent, which are the healthiest bloodlines, world renown for longevity, beauty and temperament.

Kristine spent years showing throughout the USA and Canada and breeding to perfect the bloodlines. She was involved in founding CAVALIERS OF THE WEST in the CKCS Club and served as Vice-President.

We, Janet and Domenick, MAJESTY CAVALIERS, have spent 45 years working with tropical birds, traveling to the tropics to collect avian species for propagation. We have established a breeding aviary, raising many endangered species. When I got my first Sylvancrest Cavalier 45 years ago, it was love at first puppy kiss. I had not intended to show or breed them, but like many Cavalier owners, I soon wanted one of each color and my "flock" expanded. Kris and I shared the same love of the breed and although we both held Masters degrees, we chose to devote our time to our Cavaliers.

We are primarily located in King William County, Virginia. We have a secondary location in Fallbrook, California where we occasionally have puppies available. 

A Sad Footnote; When Kristine's beloved 15 year old tri color, Sylvancrest Bronte, passed on, she was devastated and said she had nothing left to live for. I drove to her home and brought her Angel, a young Blenheim girl, to keep her company in her grief. My last sight of her was holding Angel in her arms, smiling thru her tears. That night, Kristine passed away, Angel by her side. Her ashes and Bronte's were scattered at sea, together forever.

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