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Available Puppies


Joey is available. He is small and almost 1 year old. He would be good for older adults or a shy child. Large aggressive dogs or people make him nervous. Please call for more information on him or our next litter. Puppies planned for summer.

Our Puppies

We breed and show all 4 colors on a limited basis. Our breeding priorities are health, temperament and conformation. Although we breed for show, and our goal is the ultimate world champion, we are happy to place show quality dogs with proud loving "pet" families.

We NEVER ship our puppies. Our babies leave our home in your arms, never in a shipping box. It is too stressful for them and we want to meet their new family to make sure it is a good personality match. If you live far away, southern California and coastal Virginia make great mini vacations and a puppy can ride home with you on the plane.

Our dogs are all in our home, loved, cuddled and cared for like family. We socialize puppies with children, birds, cats and loud noises such as vacuum cleaners. We carefully evaluate each puppy for character and temperament and try to match this to your family and lifestyle.

We breed to the standard for size, temperament and conformation. Our parent dogs are veterinary evaluated for hereditary and genetic issues and all puppies have a 2 Year Health Guarantee. We are available for advice and information for the lifetime of your dog, and like to keep in contact with all our extended Cavalier family.

We welcome visitors to meet our puppies, their parents and grandparents. Puppies are housebroken using a doggie door and leave here almost trained.

To inquire about available puppies, or just talk "Cavalier", please call, text, or email

Pet Insurance: 


We deeply care about the puppies we raise, and want to make sure that they will be well cared for. For all puppy adoptions, we now require proof of pet insurance by your date of pick up. This will include the company of your pet insurance as well as your pet insurance policy number to be provided to us as a part of your adoption paperwork. We highly suggest Trupanion as they offer coverage for your new puppy within 24 hours however any active pet insurance policy is welcome.


Trupanion pet insurance promo code: BR1MC81413 (*Excluding NY)

NY promo code: BR2MC81413


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Adoption Form

Selecting a puppy should be a well thought out decision. We want our puppies to be cherished family members, to travel with you, sleep in bed with you and be your loving companions. Although we would like to supply you with the color and sex you want at the perfect time, we don't breed for quantity, so there may be a wait. We try to match the puppy's personality with yours. Thus we have an adoption form and we meet with you (in person or by phone) and get to know you and your family.

Please click file to download. Email completed forms to:

New Puppy Checklist

We have created a convenient checklist with everything you will need to properly care for your new Cavalier. As we have said, Cavaliers require no professional grooming and will live a long, healthy life with basic, loving care.


Please click file to download

New Puppy Care Info

Our New Puppy Instructions will provide you with the information you will need to care for your new puppy.


Please click file to download

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Re-homing/Adoption of Older Dogs

Because most all Cavalier breeders are responsible caring people, we carefully screen our puppy adoptive families. This is why you seldom find Cavaliers in rescue.

We occasionally take in adult dogs from families that cannot keep them. We carefully evaluate their temperament and any special needs. We try to place them in appropriate homes to meet their needs. Some are seniors, some have health issues, few are under 7-8 years old. If you are willing to open your heart and home to a Cavalier senior or one with health issues, please let us know. You can fill out our standard adoption form and add a special note.   


Fiona at 14. Senior citizen

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