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Therapy Dogs

Our Cavaliers make excellent therapy dogs. Because we breed for temperament, we've had several of our dogs become certified therapy dogs.  

Two now work at Betty Ford Clinic, owned by the Director / Vice President and doctor. Another volunteers at Childrens hospital in Los Angeles. Another works in Washington DC helping a prominent psychiatrist (what secrets she could tell!!) Others work at hospitals, schools, retirement and rest homes.

Several years ago, one man came to us with his Doctor's written Prescription for a Cavalier Puppy!! He had lymphoma and his doctor felt a Cavalier would comfort him through the long treatment process. He is now in remission and doing well. (no his insurance didn't cover it LOL)

Cavaliers seem to have an affinity to children, elderly and special needs. They sense your feelings and are often referred to as comforters. They feel what you feel and take their job as lap dog very seriously!

  • 45 Years of Selective Breeding

  • AKC Registered-Champion Bloodlines

  • We do not ship our precious puppies. Visitors welcome!

  • We endorse the CODE of ETHICS of the CKCSC USA

  • All breeding dogs veterinary cleared. All puppies guaranteed


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